Language Training


Intensive training

A special program of intensive language courses combined with social and cultural activities. There is an emphasis on communication, and we use authentic materials so that you can put your language to practical use in situations where you need it. Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic.

Corporate training

In-house training for companies who want to offer their employees an opportunity to learn languages through innovative, tailor-made classes with experienced teachers, using also the companies' own printed material as a base for discussions and vocabulary expansion.

Special modules

Specialized modules offering you a chance to practice authentic communication. Languages are taught with a view to their practical application through role-plays, group work and simulations. Specialized modules can be included in a language training course or organized as a one-day intensive course.

Executive(cxo) training

A special customized program for senior executives who want to learn and develop specific language skills (English, Finnish, Swedish or other languages) at their convenience and with personalized learning experience.

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