Translation Services


We focus mainly on translations between English and the Nordic languages, but our extensive network of native-speaking collaborators allows us to translate your texts also between several other languages in a large range of specialized areas of expertise, such as Advertizing/Media, Art/Literature, Business/Financial, Construction, Culture, Education, IT/Internet/E-commerce, Law/Patents, Marketing, Sciences, Technology /Engineering.

Translation Rates:

We will send you a detailed quote with all costs of the translation and other services before starting the project.

Each project consists of a team of three people: translator, editor and project manager, assuring the high quality of the translation.

Prices are based on a clear source word system.

Regular clients receive an invoice at the end of the month. No minimum charge for regular clients.

Discounts for large projects.

VAT 24% added to the invoice for clients in Finland.



Our proofreaders are language professionals and native speakers of the target ​language in question. They will check the grammar, syntax and spelling of your message to ensure that it fully respects your target readers' language.

Proofreading is charged at around 35% of the price that would be charged for the translation of the same text.


We can help you create convincing texts by carrying out additional editing work. Our editors are native speakers in the source language and proficient in the target language. They all have professional qualifications and years of experience, so you can trust your text is in good hands.

Editing is charged at around 50% of the price that would be charged for the translation of the same text, depending on the content..


Our copywriters are language professionals who can help you create different kinds of copywriting texts to advertize and market your products and convince your audiences.​​

Copywriting is charged depending on the assignment. Discounts for regular clients.​


Our interpreting services can support you in your international contacts and activities!

We offer interpreting services for national and international conferences and ad-hoc meetings to assist people who are not fluent in the official language of local public services (legal, health, education, social), as well as police and court interpreting and telephone interpreting.

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