Nord Plus Founded Projects

Development of guidelines for the inclusion of preschool children with behavioural and learning disabilities

Project Duration: 2022-2023

The aim of the project “Development of guidelines for the inclusion of preschool children with behavioural and learning disabilities” is to ensure an inclusive preschool education for children with behavioural and learning disabilities.

In their daily work with children, teachers noticed that some children have permanent difficulties to adapt, perceive new knowledge and skills or to behave appropriately to their age. Often teachers don’t know how to react in situations if a child regularly screams, punches others or, vice versa, is apathetic, non-communicative.

The project partners will develop a new product: practical guidelines for preschool teachers, which will help to include these children.

Most guidelines that regulate how teachers should work with these children are academic, difficult to comprehend and are usually included in texts of legislation. These rules are not

an efficient tool for teachers to use in their daily work, as it takes a long time to read and understand them. That is why our project seeks to create one-of-a-kind guidelines that will

be practical and easy to apply. They will be in the form of visual reminders, so that they

are efficient to use in daily problem situations. The guidelines will facilitate the daily work

of preschool teachers, will ensure inclusive environment in preschools and will develop the social and emotional skills of children who have disabilities, including the ability to understand one’s emotions and build positive relationships with others. The project will promote the comprehensive development of children, taking into account their individual needs and abilities.


The project is financed by NordPlus: NPJR-2022/10096


Project Duration: 2021-2024


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is the driver for making Europe climate-neutral for our greener future and protecting our natural habitat. Greener sustainable ecosystems aimed at the people well-being as proposed by the European Green Deal will be good for people, planet and economy. No one will be left behind. Due to this, STEM attracts more attention at all the educational levels. However, the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly changed STEM teaching from the
„normal“ (traditional) to the „new normal“ (on-line only). This brought teachers to an unprecedented lack of STEM on-line educational materails as well as STEM teachers‘ fully on-line teaching skills.
As STEM skills are important for everyone, the global STEM community in higher education has been developing STEM COIL (Collaborative On-line International Learning) in and between the USA, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, thereby being implemented in global classrooms.

This project proposes the two-level innovation:
– on the one hand, to incorporate STEM COIL into the Nordplus countries, thereby connecting the Nordplus classrooms to the global classrooms,
– on the other hand, to interlink STEM COIL in different educarion sectors (school, vocational, higher and adult) in the Nordplus countries.

This will be a disruptive project that will change the education practices towards the XXI century.
The project purpose is to develop the Handbook on STEM COIL for teachers and teacher trainers in different educational sectors (on the one hand, school, vocational, higher and adult; and, on the other hand, formal, non-formal and informal) and support them with on-line teaching materials in their work with learners including disadvantaged ones for their skills‘ improvement in green sustainable ecosystems and increasing educational and social inclusion.

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The project is financed by NordPlus: NPHZ-2021/10050


The goal of the project is to improve the quality and efficiency of non-formal adult education services as higher quality leads to higher motivation of adult learners. This way adult learners will not only take more active part in various non-formal education activities but at the same time developing their sense of common sociality and citizenship.

The basis to guarantee high quality of non-formal education services is the development of educators` skills, competencies as some of educators have no or scant experience and no education in the andragogical field and in the current situation they are obliged to adapt their attitude towards changing working environment, target group and educational context.

The aims of the project are not only to gain theoretical knowlegde but also to experience and test the andragogical methods and strategies on themselves.

The plan for cooperation and international meetings consist of theoretical and practical parts. Courses or seminars would be carried out by experienced psychologists, andragogues and management professionals in different environments: museum, public library, university, gymnasium, facilities of sport and creativity center, etc.

The project is financed by NordPlus NPAD-2017-10097-1


Partners: Lithuania, Sweden , Norway, Finland

” Nordic Network For Empowerment Of Immigrant Women Without Prior Education Experience” The overall objective of the project is to form a Nordic network consisting of VET organisations, Adult Education organisations, NGOs working with integration and gender equality, Social Welfare Offices and Public Employment Centres for pooling experience and knowledge in order to elaborate a strategy for assistance of immigrant women without prior education into the vocation/professional education system in the participating countries. Members of the above-mentioned network will produce a report on strategy based on methodology of Liberal Adult Education as the most flexible form of education for “smooth” start taking into consideration needs of the target group.


Project funded by NORDPLUS 2010-2011


(2008 – 2010)

Partners: Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia

The main purpose of the project was to reach people who use public transport (PT) to travel to Baltic and Nordic countries to work, to study or for other purposes and help them to realise the importance of learning the language of a destination country and to accept norms of courtesies and behaviour they should follow while in a country.

The final product was DVD -survival phrases in a role play in Lithuanian, Swedish, Estonian, Finnish and Danish and a phrasebook disseminated among travel agencies and adult education centres for self-learning.

The idea of the project was born from the realization how important it is for people travelling to neighbouring countries to know at least several words or phrases of the country’s language. It can help make your trip much more pleasant and meaningful and feel more self-confident. Moreover, your efforts to address people in their native language will be most rewarding and people will become more open and friendly because of the respect you have exhibited for their country and culture. They will be pleased to learn that their language is important for a newcomer who has come not just for work, studies, but on a visit as well.

The project was selected as a good practice example and presented during Baltic EXPRO 2010.

Project funded by NordPlus Horizontal 2008-2010