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Project Duration: 2019 – 2021

Our project, IndyLan, will develop an educational tool designed specifically for users to learn not only some of Europe’s endangered languages but also more about the cultures of the people who speak these languages. The tool constitutes a gamified language-learning solution in the form of a mobile application. Smartphones have become a popular educational tool and the number of the smartphone and tablet users of all ages is constantly growing in the EU. The IndyLan application will help speakers of English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish to learn Gaelic (designated as ‘definitely endangered’), Scots (‘severely endangered’), Cornish (‘critically endangered’), Basque (‘severely endangered’), Galician (a minority language) and Saami (‘severely endangered’).

The application is building on a previous project, Moving Languages, with the key difference that IndyLan will produce one application for all languages, and not multiple language-specific applications as Moving Languages did. IndyLan will contain around 4,000 vocabulary items (both terms and expressions) in about 100 categories. The modes that will be available in the application are: Vocabulary; Phrases; Dialogues; Grammar; Culture; Test.

The vocabulary can be practised in several study modes, such as (the list below is indicative):
1. Flashcards for image+text practice
2. Choose the image according to the word
3. Select translation
4. Multiple choice with images
5. Multiple choice with words
6. Matching
7. Choose the letters
8. Write the missing word
9. Listening comprehension (with audio files)

Most of the items will be illustrated for easy concept recognition. There will be audio for all vocabulary, phrases, dialogues etc. The app will also include a dedicated Culture tab with texts, music and images, where users will be able to learn more about the heritage and culture of the people speaking the selected endangered languages.

The IndyLan application will be available for download globally for free in both iOS and Android. Like all language-learning apps, IndyLan is complementary to other language- and culture courses and can be considered to be part of self-study material. Our vision is for the IndyLan app to contribute to endangered language learning and revitalisation so that these languages remain alive and relevant in contemporary societies and economies.

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The project is financed by Erasmus+ KA2: 2019-1-UK01-KA204-061875