• Collaborative learning

    We provide group lessons in-house for your company

  • Executive learning

    We provide extremely efficient one-on-one coaching for busy executives

  • Let us help you better convey

    Professional level command on the language enables you to convey your message in succinctly

Learning innovatively

At Learnmera, we strive to develop innovative learning techniques through continuous research into pedagogy and innovative learning mechanisms.At Learnmera, we strive to develop innovative learning techniques through research into pedagogy and innovative learning mechanisms.

Technology-led learning

Innovative learning is supported by using advanced technology and developing cutting-edge software solutions.

Teachers community

Community building is at the crossroad of pedagogical and technology innovations. We help teachers create, develop and share teaching experiences and material.

We offer three services


We provide customized language training, intensive courses and corporate training in Finnish, English, Swedish and other languages.

​ At Learnmera, we are able to help your company's employees reach their desired level of skill or maintain the level they have already achieved, including reactivating dormant speaking skills.

​Learnmera offers a modern, effective, high-quality, and multifaceted program of language learning to each of our customers. Read more


Learnmera Oy has an established track record in multilingual translation. Our translators and editors are language professionals who aim to achieve the highest degree of style and cultural sensitivity.

All translations are adapted with the target public in mind. We focus mainly on translations between English and the Nordic languages, but our extensive network of native-speaking collaborators allows us to translate your texts also between several other languages in a large range of specialized areas of expertise.  Read more

Software Solutions

Technology-driven and people-centric learning are at the core of Learnmera. Over 15+ years of experience with languages and learning, we have eyes and ears to develop cutting-edge, customized solutions that empower learning.

We focus especially on e-learning-related software development and also take active part in European R&D-led e-learning platform development.

We also develop specific apps to empower learning for specific domains, professionals in the industry.  Read more

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