Our Team

Veronica Gelfgren – Director

A language entrepreneur since 1999, Veronica has worked as an executive language teacher of Swedish, English and Finnish for corporate clients for close to 20 years. Veronica has taught languages in over 100 institutes, corporations and NGOs. She has developed proprietary customized needs-based language training and specializes in language material creation of which thousands of pages have been published online at Scribd.com and other educational websites. Veronica has coordinated and partnered in a dozen domestic and EU language related projects, served as content developer, developed the Vårdsvenska health care portal in Swedish and the Health Lingo phone app. In addition, she maintains the proprietary development of web portal www.thelanguagemenu.com, the most extensive multi-lingual (teacher tools) web portal for material creation on the Internet. She has also performed as an external evaluator for TOI project MirrorMirror 2013-2015. Veronica speaks Swedish, English and Finnish.

Marja-Liisa Helenius – Translation coordinator

Marja-Liisa holds a Master’s Degree in English Philology from University of Helsinki, incl. subject teacher studies in English and French. She has over 10 years’ experience of translations for companies and universities, several years of English teaching experience in adult education as well as experience as international project secretary and project contributor for EU projects. Currently a translator, project contributor and translation coordinator at Learnmera Oy and Secretary of the Board of Learning for Integration ry, an NGO promoting language learning and integration of immigrants. She has well-established contacts with many international organisations in Helsinki. Marja-Liisa has worked extensively with material creation and research for several EU projects dealing with languages and immigration within Learnmera and LFI. She has been organising Cafe Lingua language events since 2004, promoted on Facebook and social media (8,000+ people in FB group). Marja-Liisa speaks Finnish, English, German and French.

Akanksha Maurya – Programmer

Akanksha holds a Master’s degree in Computer Applications and Information Technology from Gujarat University, India. She has more than 7 years of experience in different frontend and backend technologies. She currently works as a web developer and as a coordinator for mobile app development at Learnmera Oy and as a JavaScript Consultant at Klevu Oy. Akanksha is responsible for the development and maintenance of the web portal www.thelanguagemenu.com. She has also worked on dissemination/project info sites, including info4migrant, CV-Plus, thelanguagevoices and various other projects here at Learnmera Oy. Akanksha speaks English, Hindi and Gujarati.

Inês Messias – Multimedia specialist

Inês holds a PhD in Educational Sciences with expertise in e-learning strategies and Master’s Degree in Multimedia Education and Communication. She is a lecturer at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, were she is also a researcher at ISTAR, in the field of Educational technology, collaboration and communication and Information Systems. She is also a researcher at LE@D – The Laboratory of Distance Education and eLearning of Lisbon’s Open University (Universidade Aberta), researching hybrid emergent environments for distance education. Ines has also been a member of the Coimbra’s University Special E-Learning Project. Her 12-year experience as a lecturer encompasses different courses where she taught using Blended and Distance methodologies to students of Management, Information Systems, Multimedia, Arts and Education on subjects such as Information systems, communication, introduction to computers, multimedia, project development, educational technology as well as being tutor for PLEs, virtual worlds and LMSs as formal and informal platforms for learning and teaching. She participated in the development of several projects related to technology for future teachers, multimedia for education, immersive tools for education, augmented reality etc. as well as written and presented articles on the topic of educational technology and a book about the use of virtual worlds as possible tools for learning. Speaks Portuguese, English and French.

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