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While translations between English and the Nordic languages tend to be the bulk of our business, our extensive network of native-speaking collaborators allows us to translate complex texts also between a great number of other languages throughout a wide range of specialized areas of expertise, such as Advertising/Media, Art/Literature, Business/Financial, Construction, Culture, Education, IT/Internet/E-commerce, Law/Patents, Marketing, Sciences, Technology /Engineering.


Prices are based on a clear source word system.

Before starting any translation project we will provide you with a detailed and definite price quote including costs of the translation and other services.

Each translation project has a designated team of three people: translator, editor and project manager to ensure the highest possible quality of the translation.

Recurring clients are eligible for receiving monthly invoices at the end of each month. There is no minimum charge applicable for recurring clients.

Naturally, we apply discounts for large projects, please contact us for a more detailed quote.

Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT (24%) that will be added to invoices for clients in Finland and private individuals abroad. For VAT registered EU clients that provide their VAT number, we apply reverse VAT charge.


Our proofreaders are language professionals and native speakers of the target ​language in question. They will check the grammar, syntax and spelling of your message to ensure that it fully respects your target readers’ language.

Proofreading is charged at around 35% of the price that would be charged for the translation of the same text.


We can assist you in refining your texts for increased refinement and enhanced impact of your text by performing additional editing work. Our language professional editors are all native speakers in the source language as well as highly proficient in the target language. As they all have professional qualifications and years of experience, you can rest assured that your text is in the very best of hands.

The cost of Editing is approximately 50% of the price that would be charged for the translation of the same text, depending on the complexity of the content.


Our copywriters are language professionals with experience from most business areas and can assist you in creating various kinds of copywriting texts to advertise and market your products/services and further convince your audiences.

The cost of Copywriting is assignment dependent. Discounts are applied for recurring clients.​


Our interpreting services can support you in your international contacts and activities!

We offer interpreting services for national and international conferences as well as for ad-hoc meetings to assist people who are not fluent in the official language the conference. We also assist with local public services (legal, health, education, social), police and court interpreting as well as telephone interpreting.