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Mobile Apps

These Mobile Apps were developed as result of projects we were part of. They are free to use and you may find them on several app stores ready for download.

STEM Labyrinth
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This Mobile App represents a virtual simulator of real-life problems asking learners to tackle a real-world problem to gain knowledge through problem solving. STEM learning is largely about designing creative solutions for real-world problems. When students learn within the context of authentic, problem-based STEM design, they can more clearly see the genuine impact of their learning.

Click here to download it:

LANGO – Language on the go
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LANGO enables refugees and new-comers to study and learn languages and become familiar with the culture of their new country.
The application consists of five target languages (Turkish, English, Dutch, French, and Greek) and ten support languages (Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Urdu, Punjabi, Sorani, Kurmanji, Somali, Tigrinya, Albanian).

Click here to download it:
Android  |  iOS

Indylan logo

The IndyLan application will help speakers of English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish to learn Gaelic, Scots, Cornish, Basque, Galician and Saami, all endangered at different degrees.
The App contains around 4,000 vocabulary items (both terms and expressions) in about 100 categories.

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Android  |  iOS

City Quiz & Walk
City Quiz logo

These thematic apps offer the possibility to explore the culture and history both by solving the online quizzes in the mobile apps and (when the app user is present at the quiz location), by following the map of the area to be able to solve the quizzes and familiarize themselves with the places on which the questions are based.

Download Helsinki: Android | iOS
Download Lisbon:  Android  |  iOS
Download Paris:  Android  |  iOS
Download Athens:  Android  |  iOS
Download Vilnius:  Android  |  iOS

Language Voices
Language voices logo

The Language Voices app is created for language café organizers as well as language café members looking to attend a language exchange in their region.

This app makes it easy to find the closest language cafe to you.

Svenska i Finland
SFI project logo

Svenska I Finland is an app that offers you the possibility to learn the Swedish spoken in Finland, for free using innovative research-based methods. The material in our app is divided into Vocabulary, Phrases, Dialogues and Grammar modes.

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Moving Languages
Moving languages logo

This app provides a gamified language-learning solution.
It is available in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Finnish and other 20 languages most widely spoken by migrants in the partner countries.