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At Learnmera, we strive to develop innovative learning techniques through continuous research into pedagogy and innovative learning mechanisms.


Our mission is to facilitate the interaction between people in a global, multi-cultural society and contribute to the sharing of knowledge, understanding and experiences across languages and cultural barriers.


Our vision is to deliver easy accessible methods, processes and tools catering to the needs of those who seek to find and distribute information in other languages and provide language learning that can support both classroom, individual and societal requirements.


We believe in conducting our business with respect, and the fair and equal treatment of each individual irrespective of nationality, cultural background, faith, political affiliation, age, gender and sexual orientation and with respect and care for the environment and future generations


Community building is at the crossroads of pedagogical and technology innovations. We help teachers create, develop and share teaching experiences and material.


Innovative learning is supported by using advanced technology and developing cutting-edge software solutions.