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Areas of expertise

Learnmera’s expertise originates from the development of bespoke language training tailored around the specific needs and objectives of each client and client organisation. This has lead to early adoption of, and an extensive in-house experience in, e-learning and m-learning content development and creating language learning material over a wide range of topics and business areas in our core in-house languages; English, Finnish, Swedish, French, Russian and Portuguese. Due to participation in many projects in immigration and language teaching, Learnmera also has expertise in creating material and web resources specifically targeted for migrants.

Accordingly, Learnmera also maintains leading-edge skills relating to ICT, web portals, websites, mobile applications, etc.

Language training material created by Learnmera staff can be found online on scribd.com, teacherspayteachers.com and other online web portals for teachers and mobile applications can be found in IOS & Android app-stores.