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The Language Menu

Teacher training for language professionals

This website was created by language teachers for language teachers.

The Learnmera staff maintains and develops the contents
of this teacher tool website with more than 30 000 members signing up.

The site supports over 50 languages for teachers to create mono- and bilingual worksheets. 24 online tools, 6 interactive tools with student work monitoring, over 4000 illustrations and an additional 4000+ photographs are available.

Additional to the website of TLM, Learnmera offers seminars on ways to individualise teaching using contemporary news, information and prompts as well as techniques on how to accelerate learning with effective use of flash cards and online tools.

“TLM started as a small-scale “living room project” in 2006, when I realized there wasn’t very much Swedish material available online, and I needed some tools to create some custom made material for my classes. Within a couple of months we had built up a basic webportal and added a couple tools. The first ones were crossword, wordsearch and label the picture. An artist friend of mine agreed to draw around 50 pictures and we added them to the site with the translations of the pictures to Finnish, Swedish, English. This was the beginning of The Language Menu.”
Veronica Gelfgren
Director of TLM, Learnmera Oy & TropicalAstral