Project duration: 2012-2014Partners: Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Romania, Finland, UK “Everybody can do it”. The goal of this Partnership Project is: To promote gender equality in the roles played by men and women in public and private life by emphasizing the importance of autonomy, not being dependable because of the traditional gender division of […]


Project duration: 2012-2014Partners: Italy, Estonia, Finland “Language learning and teaching in Estonia, Finland and Italy: how to make use of cultural similarities and differences in classroom and in learning through culture” The aim of the project is to exchange experience with other Finnish and Italian institutions offering language courses for adults. Through the work in […]


Project duration: 2012-2014Partners: Latvia, Turkey, Finland, Poland, Italy ”Learning through teaching”.The aim of the project is for the partners to provide good practices, experiences, methods and seminars on adult education for implementing European Key competencies for lifelong learning and multicultural learning in their organizations and communities The target group of the project are adult learners […]


Project duration: 2012-2014Partners: Finland , Belgium, Portugal, Italy Investigating teachers’ practices in using technology for Adult Language Learning (TECH4ALL) aims at meeting one of the main challenges of adult immigrant population in Europe which is to improve their knowledge and competence in linguistic and digital skills. The aim of the project is to support vulnerable […]


Project duration: 2011-2013Partners: Finland, Italy, Spain, Romania, Latvia Segundas Lenguas y Nuevas Tecnologías (SLNT) is an international project in the educational sphere involving partners from Spain, Italy, Romania, Latvia and Finland. The project focuses on second language teaching; its main objective is creating an adaptation of the European Language Portfolio to the environment of second […]