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Project duration: 2012-2014
Partners: Finland , Belgium, Portugal, Italy

Investigating teachers’ practices in using technology for Adult Language Learning (TECH4ALL) aims at meeting one of the main challenges of adult immigrant population in Europe which is to improve their knowledge and competence in linguistic and digital skills. The aim of the project is to support vulnerable social groups and people at risk, especially migrants whose integration in a new social, economical, educational and cultural environment depends highly on their ability to learn the language of the host country. Within this framework, this partnership aims at giving adult language learners the opportunity to exchange experiences and share ideas in using new technologies, as a means to improve the second/foreign language learning. All participating countries (Cyprus, United Kingdom, Finland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Turkey) are countries which have experienced the need for supporting vulnerable social groups and learners at risk of social marginalisation. Thus, the current partnership is expected to be of high importance for the European community in general.

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Project funded by LLP – LDV – European Grundtvig Learning Partnership: 2012-1-CY1-GRU06-02397 3