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Development of guidelines for the inclusion of preschool children with behavioural and learning disabilities

Project Duration: 2022-2023

The aim of the project “Development of guidelines for the inclusion of preschool children with behavioural and learning disabilities” is to ensure an inclusive preschool education for children with behavioural and learning disabilities.

In their daily work with children, teachers noticed that some children have permanent difficulties to adapt, perceive new knowledge and skills or to behave appropriately to their age. Often teachers don’t know how to react in situations if a child regularly screams, punches others or, vice versa, is apathetic, non-communicative.

The project partners will develop a new product: practical guidelines for preschool teachers, which will help to include these children.

Most guidelines that regulate how teachers should work with these children are academic, difficult to comprehend and are usually included in texts of legislation. These rules are not an efficient tool for teachers to use in their daily work, as it takes a long time to read and understand them. That is why our project seeks to create one-of-a-kind guidelines that will be practical and easy to apply. They will be in the form of visual reminders, so that they are efficient to use in daily problem situations. The guidelines will facilitate the daily work of preschool teachers, will ensure inclusive environment in preschools and will develop the social and emotional skills of children who have disabilities, including the ability to understand one’s emotions and build positive relationships with others. The project will promote the comprehensive development of children, taking into account their individual needs and abilities.


The project is financed by NordPlus: NPJR-2022/10096