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Project duration: 2013-2015

The main aim of the ‘Info for Migrants’ project is to meet this European objective of effective integration by transferring the innovative Careers Europe Eisodus migrant information database to vocational education providers and guidance centres across Europe. At present, this database is available to libraries, colleges, universities and careers guidance centres in the UK, and offers practical information about British culture and work in 23 different languages. The Eisodus database will be used by all the participating partners as a model for compiling all relevant and disparate information that a migrant to their society may need, ensuring that the information and advice is consistent and beneficial to a guidance adviser or tutor. ‘Info4Migrants’ will be transferred by a consortium led by Careers Europe (UK) which will bring together partners with the required expertise, understanding, experience and commitment to ensure the project’s success:-Inveslan a specialist research organisation in Bilbao, BEST an independent vocational training and guidance organisation in Austria, Business Foundation for Education, a guidance organisation in Bulgaria, Learnmera Oy, an adult education provider and online educational resource developer in Finland, and Folkuniversitetet a vocational education and guidance centre in Sweden. The partnership reflects a good cross section of expertise in the fields of language, guidance, vocational training and research. All partners work directly with migrants and all are well placed in their national contexts to disseminate to a full range of national partners. The tangible impact of ‘Info for migrants’ will be to provide an innovative database, bringing together all the relevant information that migrants will need in each national context for use in guidance, vocational education and training settings by guidance practitioners or tutors with migrants. It will support better integration of migrants in Europe and facilitate the understanding of migrant experience and background. ‘Info for Migrants’ will contribute to the overall success of mobility within the EU, as well as migration from outside the EU, to overcome future problems caused by an ageing population.

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Project funded by LLP – LDV Leonardo Da Vinci TOI: UK/13/LLP-LdV/TOI-615