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Project duration: 2018 – 2020

This project intends to use this approach to target VET professionals and learners education, as well as language schools, as English is one of the most important professional skills in Europe. VET organisations do not necessarily have important resources to train their English teachers or to acquire innovative tools. Also, learners in VET education do not necessarily have a lot of time to spend on reviewing their lessons and might not feel confident in studying on their own: an English tutor chatbot could help them be consistent in their studies. This is why we think it is useful to develop a ready-to-use mobile learning solution with supporting lessons for English language learning for VET and language school learners.

It is important for this project to be carried out transnationally in order (a) develop a solution to build up an essential professional skill in Europe and (b) be adaptive to the different situation with regards to the variety of English proficiency in different European countries. According to the latest European Survey on Language Competencies, in 2012, English was a mandatory language in 14 countries or regions within countries of the EU. It is by far the most taught foreign language in nearly all European countries at all educational levels. The trends identified in this survey show an increase in the percentage of pupils learning English at all educational levels since 2004/05, and particularly at primary level. In 2009/10, on average, in lower secondary and general upper secondary education, the percentage of pupils learning English was higher than 90 %. In upper secondary pre-vocational and vocational education, it reached 74.9 %. Furthermore, it is a key skill for employability: the European Commission Study on Foreign Language Proficiency and Employability (2015) revealed that over four in five employers interviewed and three quarters of advertised online vacancies stated that English was the most useful language for the jobs discussed in all sectors and in almost all non- English speaking countries. Therefore, it is important that learners have an engaging English learning experience that will not only help develop one of the most important professional skills in Europe, but also help them develop their language studying skills so they can learn additional languages in the future.

This is why the objective of this project is to create together an English tutor chatbot to support the students in their learning process and the teachers in their teaching activity.

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The project is financed by Erasmus+ KA2: 2018-1-BE01-KA202- 038594