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The Use Your Time Creatively project has had its online kick-off meeting, which has to put into motion tasks needing to be achieved for the project to reach its goal. The project aims to prepare a set of educational materials developing creativity for the target group being young parents.

The schedule has been set for the first in-person transnational project meeting in Poland in October 2021. There will also be training about astrophotography resulting in a tutorial video.

Dates for the following meetings have not been set and will be scheduled in Poland, considering CoVid restrictions.

Training in Egypt about documenting a personal story: the results will be online educational materials.

Training in Georgia on cultural heritage resulting in a toolkit for educators and parents.

Training in Greece about dance and choreography. The result will be online educational materials.

Learnmera will be responsible for the coordination of the international digital marketing of the project.

Additional obligations for all partners will be:

  • Translations of all material results into the partner languages.
  • Coordinating a Facebook page for the target group in the national languages of the partners.
  • Project promotion including social media and website.