Re-Think Re-Act

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The Re-Think Re-Act project is close to finishing. The partners have been working closely over the last two years to ensure the final results are completed to the highest standard possible, while having the greatest impact on the target groups. This month Multiplier Events took place in Spain, Cyprus and Finland during February. Spain carried […]

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? Empowerment Unleashed: Join us in making a difference! ? Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a powerful initiative dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women. ?✨ Download our insightful PDF guide as we embark on a journey of transformation, strength, and upliftment. Together, we can create positive change! ?? #EmpowerWomen #PositiveChange #InspirationalJourney #DownloadNow

STEMify your Classroom

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The “STEMify your Classroom” project aims to incorporate STEM platforms into various education sectors and interlink their use in Nordplus countries. This disruptive project seeks to establish new course modules using STEM platforms to improve skills in STEM for a green, competitive, and socially sustainable future. The chosen theme for the project is green growth, […]


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Time to act through sustainable experiences for higher education students! TIME2ACT@SD aims to contribute to the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes, as well as changing behaviours among EU HE students, in the field of sustainable development (SD) and SD Goals (SDG), through the development of interactive content, digital tools, and innovative teaching methodologies, for […]

Re-Think Re-Act

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The Re-Think Re-Act project began in February 2022, and will complete at the end of February 2024. The partners are all focusing all their efforts on finalising the four outputs ahead of the final Transnational Project Meeting and Multiplier Events which will take place early next year. The four outputs are close to completion, and […]

Digit & Learn

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Digit & Learn – Empowering teachers for a more interactive, efficient and appealing digital learning experience The Digit & Learn two year Erasmus+ project comes to an end next month. The project comes to an end on 30th November, and the partners have been working hard to ensure the final results of the project as […]

AR4EFL’s PROJECT / AR4EFL’s Projekti

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English AR4EFL’s aim is to offer training andinformation for teachers to use augmentedreality (AR) when teaching English as a foreignlanguage. The Project enhances teachers’ skillsto adopt new technology in their regularteaching while enhancing students’ motivation,engagement and performance throughaugmented reality. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE HERE DOWNLOAD FLYER HERE (Printer Friendly) Finnish AR4EFL:n tavoitteena on tarjota opettajillekoulutusta ja tietoa lisätyn […]

Would you like to attend a Multiplier Event?

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The AR4EFL project is almost complete. The partners met for the final TPM in Helsinki, Finland in April. The outputs are now complete, and the AR4EFL app and teachers handbook can be downloaded at Learnmera have also created a podcast series where listeners learn about AR, the benefits of using it in the classroom and […]