Invitation to the AR4EFL Multiplier Event

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Our project AR4EFL: Transforming Primary School Students’ English as a Foreign Language Learning (EFL) with Augmented Reality (AR) will end on 31st May 2023. This means it is time for us to present the results and products we have worked on over the two year to you! You will have the chance to receive a demonstration of […]

Designing the Future – LTTA in Rome

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The 3rd LTTA (Learning, Teaching & Training Activity) for our project ‘Designing the Future’ recently took place in Rome, Italy from the 22nd to the 27th of January, 2023. The local organisation responsible for managing the proceedings was CIAPE. The attendees were welcomed to the event with a session introducing the CIAPE organisation. Participants were […]

Digit & Learn Project Update – March 2023

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The Project “Digit & Learn – Empowering teachers for a more interactive, efficient and appealing digital learning experience” aims to support teachers and professors in a digital upskilling journey that enables them to exploit the potential of digital means and technologies. Here is an update for the progress that has been made in the training format (Output […]

Designing the Future Project Update – December 2022

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The world’s first text message was sent in December 1992. It’s a technology that most of us don’t raise an eyebrow about, it almost feels like we’ve always been able to use our phones to send text messages. Would you be surprised if we told you that a patent for 3D printers was already granted […]

E-Safety – LTTA in Valladolid

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On 21.11.2022, the first LTTA meeting began in Valladolid, Spain.  For 5 days, all the project partners met and together participated in various activities aimed to pass on the message of what the E-safety project is for, with one of the main target groups, the students.  The CIEP El Peral school, coordinator of this project, […]

Digit & Learn Project Update – November 2022

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The Digit & Learn project started in December 2021 with partners from Greece, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, Italy and Finland. The KA2 “Digit & Learn” partner consortium will support teachers and professors in a digital upskilling journey that enables them to exploit the potential of digital means and technologies. The two day kick off meeting was […]

Multi-I Project Update – November 2022

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Multimodal Interaction and Information (Multi-I) is a 24-month strategic adult innovation partnership aimed at empowering trainers of adults and educators by equipping them with powerful instruments and methodologies aimed at integrating adult refugees through the creation of multimodal pedagogical literacy tools.   The products we will obtain at the end of the project are as follows: […]

AR4EFL Project Update – November 2022

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The 1st LTTA of the AR4EFL project took place in Nicosia, Cyprus 11th–13th July 2022.  It was a great opportunity to test the lesson plans created by the partners, see how they work alongside the AR4EFL app, fix any technical issues and make any amendments to the lesson plans after testing.  The trainers familiarised themselves […]

Empowering Disadvantaged Women

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Almost halfway through the project, which aims to increase the employability of disadvantaged women, we have created various employability modules. These modules will be available as open access online courses at a later stage of the project. Right now, the finished modules are being translated into all partner languages, i.e., Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Greek, and […]

Re-Think / Re-Act

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The Re-Think / Re-Act project started in February 2022, with partners from Portugal, Finland, Spain and Cyprus. The partners first met at the first TPM which was held in Córdoba, Spain in April this year. This gave the partners the opportunity to discuss the project in detail, organise tasks and set deadlines for the duration […]