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STEMify Your Classroom: STEM Platforms for Quality Education

Project Duration: 2023-2025

The main objective of the project is to develop the new course modules using STEM Platforms
in different educational sectors and support them in their work with disadvantaged learners for the improvement of their STEM skills for increasing their educational and social inclusion, thereby contributing to social sustainability.

The new course modules using STEM Platforms may be used for representatives of the target group for a long time after the project completion. The strategic plan of this project is to increase the use of the project outcomes after the completion of the project.

The new course modules using STEM Platforms will be prepared and tested during the implementation of the project, to be ready to be used after its completion. The creation of the common project website will be one of the project activities.

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The project is financed by NordPlus: NPHZ-2023/10068